Novels for Nerds Presents: Pines

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Title: Pines 

Author: Blake Crouch

Published:  August 12, 2012

Pages: 315

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Science Fiction

Series:  The Wayward Pines Trilogy

Kid Friendly Rating:  16+ Some Language, lots of violence. Might be a bit hard for the younger children to understand the concepts in the book


Every time I try and explain this book to someone, I become so tongue tied with excitement that I cannot even get all the words out. I am so afraid I will give something away that I just get all twisted and just yell “READ IT” in people’s faces. Probably not the best way to get someone to read a book…so I found a great synopsis written by another that will give you the best idea as to what the book is about!

Ethan Burke is on his way to the small town of Wayward Pines to find two fellow federal agents who have gone missing. He has a bad car accident on the edge of town, waking up in the hospital and not at all sure of what is going on. The psychiatrist on staff tells him that he has suffered a brain injury and warns him not to leave, but he takes off anyway. The town sheriff is less than helpful, and, with no ID or money, Burke can’t reach his superior or his wife, and he starts fearing for his sanity (reminiscent of Dennis Lehane’s Shutter Island). Matters turn ominous when Burke finds the ravaged body of one of the missing agents and realizes he needs to run for his life. Clearly, despite the idyllic beauty of Wayward Pines, something is seriously out of kilter: a helpful bartender disappears, picnicking mothers turn homicidal, and seemingly innocent children display maniacal tendencies. The suspense builds to an almost unbearable point, culminating with a twist that ratchets it up even further. Fans of Stephen King, Peter Straub and F. Paul Wilson will appreciate this genre-bending, completely riveting thrill ride, which mixes suspense, horror, science fiction and dystopian nightmare all rolled up into one unputdownable book. —Stacy Alesi review from Amazon

Seriously, sounds great right? I read this book on a whim since there was free audible from Kindle Unlimited. I do not normally go for just normal mystery titles and when I say there was the essence of Sci-Fi involved I thought I would give it a go. I am so happy I did because in less than a week I had listened to all three of the books in the series. They just grabbed you and wouldn’t let go!  This first book has one of the most original and epic reveals I have ever read!

Of course with all the great positives there are some negatives! I feel that the book moved very, very quickly. It is not very long but there is so much happening that there are times when I think some of the scenes are rushed. But the quickness did not turn me off the books!

Fun Fact: Wayward Pines is now a show on Fox. And it is actually pretty well done!

Final Thoughts:

This is one of my favorite series! I felt part of the world and immersed in the authors vision. I think that older teens would enjoy the story and get the same rush I did while reading. There is some minor language and a LOT of violence, which is why I think Pines would fit the older teens rather than the younger ones.   I would rate this book an 8 out of 10!

Have you read this book? Give us your thoughts!

Happy Reading!




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One Response to Novels for Nerds Presents: Pines

  1. Vaytrexxsys says:

    The show is surprisingly good.

    It’d be great if everything was Game of Thrones quality, but obviously that has a very large budget….but I have to say, I am really enjoying the show, even in the aspects where it differs from the book.


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